Cording and Scar Tissue

Treatment of cording & scar tissue following surgery or injury

Sometimes following certain surgical procedures, there can be pain and restriction of movement affecting simple daily activities.

Some examples of these procedures are:

• Mastectomy
• Reconstructive surgery
• Spinal surgery
• Total hip or knee surgery
• Major heart surgery
• Abdominal surgery

Are you suffering in this way?

If so, don't put up with chronic pain and restricted movement.

By using specialised soft tissue techniques i can improve flexibility and decrease pain, therefore improving your daily qualility of life.

Cording, or auxillary web syndrome usually presents as tightening, which can be severe, in the soft tissue under the arm but it can also be seen in the lower arm and elbow.This can be a painful condition with restriction of movement.
Having been on specialised courses and worked with women with breast cancer for over 10 years, I use these techniques to release the tightened tissues and improve range of movement.


Scar Tissue is the body's natural way of repairing after injury or surgery. The result can be thickened and dense tissue, both of the scar itself and in the surrounding tissues , leading to pain and restricted movement, sometimes also inhibiting nearby muscles from working effectively. This may happen following heart, hip or abdominal surgery or following burns or injury where scar tissue has formed.

Fibrosis following radiation treatment may occur, sometimes many years later, causing tightening in soft tissue and muscles, again restricting movement and causing pain.

Nerve sensitivity following sugery can occur when scar tissues shrink and impinge on nerves. Releasing these tissues can be effective in easing pain.