Further comments were encouraged from Patient Satisfaction Survey September 2017

“Fantastic service- effective, empathic, I have very complex health problems which have been enormously helped.”

“Sharon is a very gentle insightful physiotherapist. A pleasure to be treated by her. Great ability to get to the root of the problem. Thank you.”

“Sharon always pinpoints problem areas quickly and makes a noticeable difference immediately. Manner is very warm and helpful. Highest recommendation possible.”

“Always helpful and takes the time to ensure that I am sorted before I leave. Amazing!”

“Excellent service and care always- Thank you.”

“This service has changed my life and kept me in a job!”

“Very happy with the treatment (physio). Sharon is extremely good and has made a tremendous difference to my well-being”

“Polite and friendly valued service that enables me to continue living nearly pain free. Thank you.”



“I had suffered 6 months of Vestibular migraine resulting in feeling unsteady and off balance. I thought nothing could be done about it, but Sharon was recommended to me and after the first physio session I noticed a big improvement. By the third session I hardly noticed the symptoms I had put up with for so long. Don’t give up too early on trying to sort this type of migraine.”
July 2018

“I went to see Sharon with persistent headaches that spread along my jaw, I was finding it difficult to work and sleep. Sharon was excellent. I was reassured by her explanation of the root of my pain, and understanding the reasons made it much easier to deal with. My headaches reduced after each session and have now gone after only three sessions. I found Sharon to be very empathetic, and I felt very safe in her hands. I would highly recommend her!”
April 2018

“Sharon was recommended by a friend. I had suffered from migraines for about 40 years but they were becoming more frequent and more debilitating. I had about 2 days per week when I felt well. Sharon saw the problem and set about ‘fixing’ me. After just a few sessions, I felt like a new woman. I can do the household chores that used to leave me in pain and can lift my grandson without worrying.I have no hesitation in recommending Sharon and will be eternally grateful to her for improving my quality of life and to my friend for her recommendation. It was well worth the 130 mile round trip.”
January 2018

“Sharon uses the ‘Watson’ physio technique for people with severe headache conditions and has reduced my symptoms dramatically and given me much of my life back. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”
January 2017


“Sharon was recommended to me after I’d had surgery for breast cancer. I had developed some cording under my arm and the scar was very tight which was causing pain in my elbow. Sharon released the tightness and I felt a difference after the first session. I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone with the same problem as me. She also sent me some information about stretches I could do at home which was very helpful.”
October 2017


“During this last year I have had quite few occasions of visiting the doctor in excruciating back pain. Although sympathetic to my case ,pain killing  tablets didn`t ease my situation at all. Then when I asked if I could be referred to a physiotherapist  the doctor said , it would be along wait to get one . It was then that I was introduced to Sharon. Absolutely incredible! I find her so easy to talk to and her work ,well that speaks for it`self when you can walk out straight in posture, and free from pain. I would always go straight back to Sharon if in need, she is BRILLIANT.”
November 2017

“After experiencing lower back pain, I was recommended to go and see Sharon. She assessed my problem and instantly new what my issue was. After having my pelvis re-alined and my back tweaked, I was a new woman. I would highly recommend Sharon, her experience and personality made it a very pleasant experience and thankfully my problem had been solved with one appointment.”
October 2017


“After seventeen years of failed NHS physio treatment I have been to see Sharon and she has sorted the problem! No more pain, no more agony and no more hunched up shoulders. I cannot recommend her enough! I only wish I had been to see her before!”
January 2017


“I have been seeing Sharon for many years now and have grown to depend on her for the amazing skill she has in healing. I have multiple problems with my joints and musculoskeletal interactions which loads me with pain and depression.  Sharon gives me lots of energy and healing which boosts my reserve to help me through my week! I always remark that I limp into surgery and skip out again!! Don’t know how I’d manage without her!”
July 2018

“Sharon has treated me regularly since 2012 when I was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma. Her treatment and care both during chemotherapy and afterwards have greatly improved my energy levels and wellbeing. I can recommend her without reservation.”
July 2018